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Anton Nadilo is committed to helping people make smart financial choices, maintain their lifestyle, achieve financial independence, and pursue their goals and dreams.  

Anton graduated from Victoria University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, majoring in Management and Economics.

Anton’s friendly, people-orientated style led him into a successful sales career in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry.  His drive and enthusiasm saw him quickly promoted through to Key Account Manager level.  Anton spent 4 years at management level, and worked for several multinational companies in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Anton’s own entry into the world of investment began at the age of 22 when he purchased his first 2 residential investment properties.  Over the last 10 years Anton has created an impressive portfolio of property investments.  His drive and enthusiasm has seen him become a mentor and “sounding board” to many of his clients, friends and acquaintances in the areas of property investment, and other diversified investments.  

Anton is an entrepreneur and successful businessman.

Anton eventually left the world of sales to pursue a career as a financial planner and seminar presenter.  Before setting up his own financial planning company - Focus Financial, Anton spent 18 months with FSB Financial Services Ltd, one of Wellington’s largest financial service providers.  

As a Director of Focus Financial Services Ltd, Anton is committed to providing clients with a simple, no-nonsense approach to financial planning.  He actively commits his time and knowledge to helping people create and protect wealth over time.

In 2001, Anton formed the Tomorrow Group – a company that delivers personal financial education in the corporate environment.  He also formed The Professional Adviser Network – an organisation committed to helping professional advisers build better businesses.  In 2003, Anton formed the BrainsTrust Ltd – a company focused on improving financial literacy for all New Zealanders.  

Anton’s thirst for knowledge has him attending numerous seminars every year.  He has read over 200 books on the topics of financial planning, wealth creation, property investment and personal development.  His passion for educating people on the principles of wealth creation and financial planning has seen him regularly speak at business functions and within client companies.   

Anton is a general member of the Financial Planners and Investment Advisers Association (FPIA) and is committed to their Code of Ethics and supporting bylaws.  He is working toward becoming a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Anton is available for media interviews and  speaking engagements.

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Andrew understands that when it comes to personal finance and life in general, the only stupid question is the one that is not asked.  

As a financial educator Andrew enjoys the opportunity to answer those questions that may be the difference of you achieving your financial aspirations or not.  

Andrew was born in Wellington and brought up in Island Bay. He attended St Patrick's College, where he excelled academically and developed a keen interest in sport, particularly rugby, tennis and cricket. With a love of science and thriving on a challenge, Andrew attended Victoria University in Wellington and attained two Degrees - a Science Degree, Majoring in Chemistry, and a Commerce Degree, Majoring in Management and
Commercial Law.

From a very young age Andrew realised the importance of saving for the future. At 14 his two part-time jobs and interest in investments helped set his focus for the future. So after completing his degrees he joined Financial Service Brokers Limited (FSB) Graduate Programme.

FSB's training programme provided Andrew with the opportunity to develop his financial planning skills. Upon successfully completing the Graduate Programme, Andrew was able to do the things that are most enjoyable to him - working with people and helping them to achieve their financial goals.

Throughout Andrew’s career in the financial services industry he has developed his investment principles and extended his own personal portfolio to include various asset classes such as shares, property – both direct and indirect and the formation of several companies.  

Andrew Lendnal is the Founder and Director of BREAKTHRU Limited. He is a Financial Planner, a director of five companies (including BREAKTHRU Limited), co-author of two financial advice books, and holds a Share Brokers license. He is a Member of a number of professional organisations, including the Financial Planning and Insurance Advisers Association of New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and the Professional Advisers Network.  

Andrew is also one of the key individuals responsible for forming the Professional Advisers Network and Brainstrust Limited.  Two companies that respectively help in developing better businesses for professional advisers and helping all New Zealanders enhance their financial literacy.  

  Areas of expertise include:

  • Designing alternate scenarios for your future that clarify your options

  • Building and protecting capital

  • Tailoring a portfolio’s asset allocation for your changing needs

  • Money – smart handling of income and expenses.    

Over the last five years Andrew’s core business has been to provide financial planning through BREAKTHRU Limited, a registered financial planning Company, formed to provide fee based, impartial, and comprehensive planning for business owners and professionals.  

In April 2003, Andrew was selected by Tomorrow Group to become part of their financial education team.  Andrew’s addition to the team provided Tomorrow Group with another qualified person to help enhance financial literacy in all New Zealanders.  

An outstanding speaker, Andrew Lendnal shapes important ideas about how money works and how to make it work better for you.  

Following Andrew’s efforts with Tomorrow Group Andrew decided that his passion was to be more proactive than just helping his clients after they experienced some form of financial stress.  

Andrew noted that he needed to approach financial education from a different angle – i.e. children, so as to educate them through their parents, teachers and media the tools that they require so to have a better lifestyle when they are older as well as improving their chances in a complex society that is becoming more complex every decade.  

The mission resulting from this soul searching activity was to help children learn about money and allow them to become money savvy and improve their adult life – Hence came the formation of Breakthru Kids Limited (Helping children learn about money).  

In 2004, Andrew was admitted to be a member of the  Million Dollar Round Table  Only the top 5% of financial advisory professionals worldwide receive this distinction.  

Andrew is available for interviews and appearances.

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