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Escaping the Rat Race is something that has a different meaning to almost everyone. To become financially free is possible for everyone reading this, in fact, throughout the next few paragraphs, you will find out many ways in which you can begin creating ACTION steps that will ensure your financial freedom. Now imagine, when you are financially free, you never have to:

  • Work for someone else

  • Deal with rush hour traffic

  • Limit your holidays to two weeks per year

  • Send your kids to day-care

  • Order the cheapest items on the menu at an expensive restaurant

  • Argue with your spouse about money

  • Worry that you won’t have enough money each month

If you have come to a financial fork in the road, or are ready to take control of what you do today in order to change your financial destiny, then attending the next Cash Flow 101 Challenge WILL help you turbo charge your course to financial freedom.

If there were a simple way to take your financial affairs to the next level, would you recognize it?

  • Are you confused by terminology used by financial planners and advisers?
  • Are you ready to take control of your own financial future and become financially free?

If you are ready to take action NOW, we can help you achieve your financial dreams.

The very first step is to attend a CASHFLOW® 101 seminar.

Play CASHFLOW® 101, meet likeminded people and learn from successful entrepreneurs. We are so confident that you will receive value for your time and money that if you are unhappy in any way, we will refund your money back and donate an equal amount to the charity of your choice. What more can you ask for!


What is CASHFLOW® 101?

CASHFLOW 101 is an interactive board game that teaches you the basics of fundamental investing and how to take control of your personal finances, build a business through proper cash flow management, and learn how to invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses.

While money has the power to make you a slave to it …it also has the power to set you free. CASHFLOW was created to teach people how to become a master of money and elevate their financial IQ.

Will playing a game really help me achieve financial independence?

YES!!!  Games are a powerful mechanism because they reflect our true behaviour. As a learning tool, games enable people to 'learn by doing' and, very often, the learning process is such fun that it's easy to forget that a key purpose of playing a game – like CASHFLOW 101 – is to heighten financial literacy.



“In 1994, after becoming financially free, I was searching for a way to teach others what my Rich Dad had taught me.

Learn by Doing!

You can only learn so much by reading. You cannot learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book. It dawned on me that rich dad taught me through repetition. That is why I began creating educational board games.


Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
and creator of "CASHFLOW® 101"

" Money is an idea "


They are, in my opinion, the easiest and best way learn rather complex subjects. If you are ready to learn how to acquire more passive and portfolio income, the CASHFLOW games can be an important first step.”

So how long will it take one to become financially Free?

Would you be surprised if I said EVERYONE should be financially free within 5 years of attending this life changing FREE evening event? This is very possible and thousands of people are well on their way to financial freedom, after attending a Fast Track to Cash Flow event and not only learning the secrets of the Rich, but realizing that taking ACTION will ensure financial freedom.

Unfortunately for most people they just do not know where to start and they are fearful that they may “Fail” if they do start. This thinking needs to be changed, and it can be changed very quickly after you discover the Seven Crucial Steps of Financial Freedom. This powerful evening will give you the confidence and resources to allow you to take control of YOUR own financial future, get onto the Fast Track and escape the Rat Race in less than 5 years.

Here's just a portion of what else you'll learn!

  • The difference between the advice given to the Rich and the Middle Class.

  • The fastest and most popular way to create millions of $$$.

  • How to buy Real Estate with “no” money down.

  • Why personal associations are critical to your financial freedom.

  • How the CASHFLOW® Quadrants explain the Conspiracy to keep Canadians Poor.

  • How to create a Rich Financial Plan for guaranteed results.

What are the secrets of the rich? How do they create their wealth and seem to get richer every time you turn to look at them? Is it possible for everyone to be able to realise their financial dreams and fulfill their need to become financially free? These are some of the questions that the seminar and workshop will help you answer. You will be given the insights on how to break free from the myths each one of us carries regarding wealth and money.


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