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176 pages
Many worksheets, tables and line drawings throughout
234 x 153 mm

The Australian Guide: How to get everything you want . . . and more
Anton Nadilo & Andrew Lendnal

Budget Wise, Dollar Rich is the book that thousands of ordinary Australians have been waiting for. As many as 95 percent of Australians have difficulty simply managing their money day to day; for most people the thought of having money to invest and create wealth is no more than a pipe dream. This invaluable book explains in simple terms how you can achieve your financial goals through budgeting effectively in the short term, for the longer term and also for retirement. More..

Play Cashflow 101 and discover how to get out of the rat race.  This exciting game will give you a lot more ideas to help you immediately to make more money.

Million dollar ideas will unfold before your eyes, and more importantly, you’ll know how to make it your million, not someone else’s.  

A fun and enjoyable educational evening that will teach you how the rich play the game of money and how you can too.

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We are a financial coaching company specialising in providing you with innovative solutions for personal growth, More..

Designed for readers of our book!

Now you can easily complete the

 financial worksheets for your budget 

plan on your personal computer! 

This Excel-based package of 

worksheets and financial statements 

works hand-in-hand with your 

copy of the book. More..

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Financial coaching for financial freedom...

Anton Nadilo


Andrew Lendnal



The best way to find out how we have performed is to see what our clients have to see about us. The following testimonials are from people who have benefitted from financial coaching and are on their way to becoming part of the Budget Wise, Dollar Rich Generation.


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